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Which is better to skip when eating out: the bread basket or dessert?

 You should definitely go with dessert. It sounds counterintuitive since whole-grain bread can be good for you—while dessert, as you know, is filled with sugar (and therefore empty calories).

 That said, it's still better to indulge in a shared dessert at dinner rather than carbo-loading before the meal. Here's why: "Many people have a sweet tooth and aren't satisfied after dinner until that sweet quota is filled," says Gans. "So if you skip dessert, you're more likely to feel unsatisfied and go home and munch on a few cookies before bed—which means that you had the bread basket and dessert."

 Of course, this isn't your license to indulge in a humongous piece of cake at dinner just because you passed on the carb-filled appetizer—you should still stick to just a couple forkfuls of chocolate-/coconut-/fruit- deliciousness. Trust us, you'll still be satisfied!


(Women`s Health Magazine)



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